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ConfigMgr Build 1710 now GA

ConfigMgr with its servicing channel certainly moves fast now, a feature-laden Build 1710 just released and should be showing up in your Console (once you’ve run the Fast Ring script).

  • Peer Cache is no longer a pre-release feature (Yay!)
  • Surface Driver Management is no longer a pre-release feature
  • Cloud DP can now be used in Azure Government Cloud
  • Co-management for Windows 10 (1607 and above) devices (the holy of holies at the moment)
  • Restart computers from the ConfigMgr Console (enhance our capability to service devices, very nice)
  • Tweaks to Run Scripts (evolving into a really nice feature)
  • Additional application management policies
  • Software Center icon distortion fix
  • Task sequence chaining (Parent\Child with a new TS Step to invoke, will let us build complex Task Sequence but I worry some will overcomplicate things for the sake of it, be economical with chaining)
  • Windows 10 ARM64 device support
  • Tweaks to VPN Profile creation experience
  • Limited Cryptography: Next Generation (CNG) certificate support (the future!)
  • Windows Defender Application Guard policies

Check out the Documentation for Build 1710, there’s quite a broad range of feature releases\updates in this build.


Visualising ConfigMgr Site Servicing from a unique perspective for fun


ConfigMgr Build 1710 –Run Task Sequence (Preview Feature)


  1. Greg Isett

    It would be REALLY helpful to be able to download an .ISO of this update. For my SCCM installation I can’t connect to Internet directly to download updates. The in-console offline update solution is quite cumbersom.

  2. RobertMarshall

    I figure you know this already but … It revolves around Telemetry, if they allowed you to download an ISO or a massive CAB, and you took that to the Site server and injected it in, they would have a black-hole in the Telemetry data, no visibility of Hierarchies that are blocked from accessing the Internet. They really need this visibility so that complexity has to stay in place. More to the point, while retaining this multi-step shuffle, what would you make easier, less data input, more automation around collecting, uploading, downloading then shunting the content to the Hierarchy?

    Noting that Telemetry rules supreme for a very good reason now (Apple don’t even give you a choice, they even consume your location data without bothering to ask), how would you solve this problem?

    Thanks for posting Greg. You are my first official commentator congratulations the award is in the post!

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