Following on from Part 1 of this quick and easy walkthrough of Intune AutoPilot.

Login to the VM, unlock or whatever, and visit Settings.

Visit Updates & Security:

Click Get Started for Reset this PC:

Choose the Remove everything option:

Choose the Just remove my files option:

Wheels will turn:

Select Reset:

This will take a while, keeping an eye on it will bind you to the screen depending on how fast your VM’s disk sub-system is.

SSD’s will chase through this entire process in less than an hour I would imagine.

Decent spec (x4 7200RPM HDD’s in RAID 10 configuration) disks with an existing average-VM workload (other lab devices running on your Hyper-V host) will get the job done within 2 hours.

I have 11 VM’s running on this Hyper-V host, so there is some disk contention\congestion taking place, I will put the VM’s disk onto an SSD to speed things up next time:

My Hyper-V hosts disk-subsystem isn’t flooded:

When it is done it’ll induce a reboot and enter Windows Setup to continue the process:

It took about 1 hour to get to this point:

About 15 minutes later we’re at the OOBE stage of Windows Setup!

Select the Region: