As the author I can see that PatchMaster wasn’t ‘there’ yet, worked, but needed much more coding loving before it could become a universally usable tool.

Version 1.1 worked well enough, but much of the Deployment Properties were defaulted and unavailable.

Version 1.2 nails this down with full deployment property control.

And I took it a bit further, which took a few days of keyboard hammering, but now you can define the deployment properties per device group.

So instead of a single set of deployment settings applying to all your deployments (V1.1), you can configure the deployment settings that you want for each device group (V1.2!), allowing you to distinguish Server deployment properties from client properties for example.

Works a charm, very granular deployment properties allow you carve things up very easily.

New features:

  • All configuration items are now stored in the Configure tab
    • Naming bar
    • Package Location
    • Device Groups
    • Deployment Settings
    • Out of Cycle
    • Time Machine
    • Reporting SUGs


  • Tabs reordered and the Naming tab dropped, matches the required workflow when using the tool, configure and move to your right until you are ready to Check for Patches, refresh the SUGs or Build 


  • Rules tab now only allows you to choose a single Device Group 
  • Tab Available Patches now contains both the list of Patches found and Software Update Groups, buttons for checking for patches, refreshing SUGs and building out relocated here with only one Build button available


  • Available deployments now joins Required deployments as working, I was setting the deadline date for available causing it to become required

I still have to look at why more than one Distribution Point causes PatchMaster to fail when asking the SMS Provider nicely to put the Software Update Deployment Packages onto the DP’s … once I’ve got that figured out and fixed I’ll wrap Version 1.2 in an MSI and upload to TechNet Gallery.

My time on this project is coming to a close, and i’ll have to move on, the next release after this one will get parked, so that I can focus my coolness on other cool things such as Microsoft’s current Cloud technologies, progress of which is mind blowing, if you have any feedback, things you’d like changed, fixed or added (… big ticket items highly unlikely to be added to 1.2), be around about now you should let me know, tweet me if you can on @robmvp or comment here on my blog.

PatchMaster can now be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery here.

A guide exists here.