Now that Current Branch 1906 (5.0.8853.1000) is out, and I have some spare time to chase through some of the features, I thought I’d whack out some mini-posts highlighting various features.

One of the less impactful but interesting features due to what they are tinkering with, is Site Maintenance. This one isn’t going to woo your manager or users, or change your work routine one jot, but it is interesting nonetheless as it touches ‘old ground’.

Other than additions to the site maintenance task list over the last two decades, there hasn’t been any other change made in this space visually.

That changes as of CB 1906.

There hasn’t been much of a need to change something that isn’t broken, we hardly ever visit site maintenance, but it was long overdue a visual overhaul so as to scrub away that Win32 dialog look, as shown below:


Now, we have no need for a pop-up dialog, Site Maintenance tasks are listed in the details pane when you visit the Site Configuration > Sites node, and select a new tab called Maintenance Tasks.


Double click (Properties) on any of the listed tasks and you get taken back to familiar territory with the tasks properties sheet:


A very simple change to an oft-ignored part of the product, I like subtle changes like this, enabled by the fast cadence of ConfigMgr.

I noticed that post-upgrade of CB to 1906 the Last Start Time and Last Completion Time columns were rendering blank.

I chose and ran the Rebuild Indexes maintenance task (changed its scheduled +5 mins into the future) to see if the values are shown once a task runs post-upgrade.

Here’s the task running (SMSDBMON log):


And as I thought, well, I got lucky “thinking”, that a nudge would sort it, much like the classic “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” approach, much adored by the mightiest of admins:


A simple and as I said subtle change, that has modernised a very boring surface. Nice.